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Se souvenir des belles choses
Ephemeral exhibition

Tuesday, June 19th, from 7pm

wasteland 21 rue Etex, 75018 Paris

with : Aylin Argun (Turkey) Eliza Badoiu (Romania) Nadine Bénichou (France) Lorenka Campos (USA) Clarisse Debout (France) Shirley Drevich (USA) Barbara Dubois (USA) Nettie Edwards (GB) Sarah Jarrett (GB) Diana Nicholette Jeon (USA) Bobbi Mc Murry (USA) Cat Morris (USA) Tony Nahra (USA) Gianluca Ricoveri (Italia) Buckner Sutter (USA) et Leon Williams (New-Zeland)



Exhibition and projection
Saturday, May 26th and Sunday, May 27th 2018
opening Saturday 6pm

@ atelier Oblik
19 rue du Docteur Emile Roux
92110 Clichy



With: Nadine Bénichou (France) Thérèse Cherton (Belgium) Robledo Condessa (Brazil) Nettie Edwards (GB) Patricia Geyer (USA) Sarah Jarrett (GB) Chris Sallquist (USA) Eitan Shavit (Israel) et Dominique Torrent (France) and a projection with : Isabel Afonso (Portugal) Filiz Ak (Turkey) Aylin Argun (Turkey) Eliza Badoiu (Romania) Kerryn Benbow (Australia) Nadine Bénichou (France) Lorenka Campos (USA) Thérèse Cherton (Belgium) Robledo Condessa (Brazil) Claudia Contreras (Mexico) Vicki Cooper (USA) Clarisse Debout (France) Magda De Jonge Malucha (Spain) Camila Dotta (Brazil) Nettie Edwards (GB) Antonio Freitas (Brazil) Patricia Geyer (USA) Roger Guetta (Canada) Armineh Hovanesian (USA) Patricia Januszkiewicz (USA) Sarah Jarrett (GB) Juta Jazz (Chypre) Diana Nicholette Jeon (USA) Ile Mont Chris Sallquist (USA) M. Cecilia Sao Thiago (Brazil) Jane Schultz (USA) Leandro Selister (Brazil) Eitan Shavit (Israel) Merih Soylu (Turkey) Debara Splendorio (USA) Dominique Torrent (France) Jale Yuce (Turkey) et Leon Williams (New-Zeland)





Exhibition thursday, February 8th 2018 
Maison Internationale de la Cité Universitaire
1st floor
17 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris
En partnership avec Samsa (Vidéo Mobile)


with: Nadine Bénichou (France) Lynette Jackson (USA) Tony Nahra (USA) Kristine Norlander (Norvège) et Joshua Sariñana (USA)


          #Archimobile exposition photo mobile cité universitaire


Photo mobile Exhibition in la Cartonnerie
12 rue Deguerry, 75011 Paris

In partnership with Fisheye and Joby
Tuesday, September 19th 2017

+ workshops

With: Leny Bagshop (France) Elin Liavik (Norway) Maria Moldes (Spain) et Hannibal Renberg (France)

           Exposition Cartonnerie Paris Hannibal Renberg



Ceci n'est pas un selfie...

Photographic Installation
Thursday, February 2nd  2017 
Ambassade de Roumanie, Paris

with: Aylin Argun (Turkey) Eliza Badoiu (Romania) Cédric Blanchon (France) Helen Breznik (USA) Lorenka Campos (USA) Karen Divine (USA) Nettie Edwards (GB) Roger Guetta (Canada) Armineh Hovanesian (USA) Sarah Jarrett (GB) Diana Nicholette Jeon (USA) Patricia Larson (Mexico) Amy Leibrand (USA) Bobbi McMurry (USA) Jim Perdue (USA) Benamon Tame (GB) Vanessa Vox (France)




Friday, November 4th 2016, from 9am to 6.30pm
Conference organised by Bertrand Naivin
salle des conseils, espace Deleuze - Université de Paris 8

Laurence Allard
Sébastien Appiotti
Paul Ardenne
Pascal Bonafoux
Pauline Escande Gauquié
Elsa Godart
Sarah Lepetit
galerie Mobile Camera Club
Bertrand Naivin
François Soulages




Climate Geniuses

From May 26th to June 2nd 2016
Opening Thursday, May 26th 2016 from 6pm to 10pm


Originally conceived to occur during the COP21 climate conference in Paris in December 2015, this event had to be postponed, for safety reasons, due to the terrorist attacks of November 2015. We also decided to invite Nathalie Blanc, a well-known figure of environmental aesthetics, to present her latest book Les Formes de l’environnement, manifeste pour une esthétique politique.

Whether civil or military, electric, industrial or chemical, or even genetic... the term “engineering” (« génie » in French) glorifies human inventiveness and raise Man in the position of a demiurge. The richness and development of human activities would be the irrefutable proof of our superior intelligence and creative powers. But what if ingenuity, pushed to its paroxysmal limit, was in the end an “evil genius”? And what if humanity was the victim of his own arrogance and of a vision of the world organized in terms of hierarchy, domination and profit? Such are the questions we wish to raise through this installation, featuring one of the true climate genius, the tree.

This event is based on the vision of 50 international artists of climate changes through an ephemeral photographic installation. Located in the public space, this installation is conceived as a symbolic representation, inviting the viewer to measure the scope, gravity and inevitability of the situation, unless a drastic change in mentalities and behaviors occurs. It is meant to question the alleged infallibility of human ingenuity and invite the public to meditate on the importance of hope, desire, sharing, commitment and awareness. A way for each of us to get involved in a subject made particularly complex due to abstruse battles about figures and due to the importance of strategic consequences and economic interests it involves. 

"The Wish Climatree" will host the visual and written wishes of the invited artists, whether they are positive wishes full of hope, or whether they denounce the causes and consequences of climate change. The public will be invited to participate by adding their own wishes. In many civilizations, trees are sacred. They are associated to life, creation and renewal. They are the synthesis between three worlds: the underground, the terrestrial and the celestial worlds. Whether cosmic symbols or remarkable forms of life, knowledge tree, tree of life, friendly and protecting, trees indeed inspire respect. Then comes today’s reality. Deforestation and over-exploitation. Trees to fell, decimate, dismember, saw and transform into wood or paper pulp. But also trees in the city, living beings transplanted as decorative features, braving concrete, pollution and evil treatments. Trees are resistants...


Press kit here


Photographic installation
Esplanade Roger Linet 75011 Paris
In front of the Maison des métallos

Opening Thursday, May 26th 2016 from 6pm to 10pm
Maison des métallos
94 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris


With Aylin Argun (Turquie) Eliza Badoiu (Roumanie) Leny Bagshop (France) Giulia Baita (Italie) Kerryn Benbow (Australie) Nadine Bénichou (France) Nathalie Blanc (France) Jennifer Bracewell (USA) Yannick Brice (France) Lorenka Campos (USA) Thérèse Cherton (Belgique) Federica Corbelli (Italie) Clarisse Debout (France) Gail Dohrmann (USA) Shirley Drevich (USA) Barbara duBois (USA) Stéphanie Dupont (France) Philippe Durand (France) Nettie Edwards (Angleterre) Satoko Fujiwara (Japon) Dieter Gaebel (Allemagne) Patricia Geyer (USA) Roger Guetta (Canada) Sean Hayes (Irlande) Sarah Jarrett (Angleterre) Diana Nicholette Jeon (USA) Magdalena de Jonge Malucha (Espagne) Patricia Larson (Mexique) Bobbi McMurry (USA) Kim Martino-Diaz (USA) Paul Moore (Irlande) Cat Morris (USA) Tony Nahra (USA) Sorin Obaciu (Canada) Susan Rennie (USA) Catherine Restivo (USA) Gianluca Ricoveri (Italie) Carol Robinson (USA) Marian Rubin (USA) Edward Santos (USA) Joshua Sariñana (USA) Mariëtte Schrijver (Pays-Bas) Jane Schultz (USA) Eitan Shavit (Israël) Jeffrey Simpson (USA) Wayman Stairs (USA) Mehmet Omur Sukru (Turquie) Jennifer Thomas (Australie) Susan R Thompson (USA) Dominique Torrent (France) Paul Toussaint (USA)



From January 30 to March 9 2016

Freedom of Panorama

Freedom of panorama is an exception to copyright, first introduced into German law at the end of the XIXth century. It considers that all artworks (including buildings and sculptures) located in the public domain can be photographed or filmed without the authorization of the author. France, Belgium Italy and Greece are the only countries in Europe without freedom of panorama in their legislation. In principle any reproduction of the Atomium, the Pyramide du Louvre, and the Eiffel Tower lights at night are illegal without prior authorization.

These restrictive legislations are not only a constraint to professional photographers, but to all photographers. Photos of artwork and buildings are shared ubiquitously on social media, blogs and websites, while everyone ignores that in France copyright lasts for 70 years after the author’s death.

But what can be photographed today in the city if copyrights or privacy rights protect a large swath of buildings, sculptures, advertising, graffiti, and people?

The European Parliament and now the French Parliament recently engaged in fierce debate on the freedom of panorama. Oddly enough, opponents from both sides pretend they are defending freedom of creation.

It is within this framework that we decided to gather photographers from various countries whose main photographic subject is the city and its architecture, to see how they choose to inhabit the public space. Do they take legislation restrictions into account or do they freely express their emotions? And how do they create something of their own, based on somebody else’s creation?

Do they feel they have to find innovative angles and framing, like their New Vision predecessors? Do they fragment and deconstruct, play with forms, colors and dimensions until they make reality unrecognizable? Or like the Surrealists, do they mock reality and appearances? Or else, in between collage and typography, do they choose to follow the track of a refined design, taking roots in the Bauhaus movement?

For artists, the city remains the place of all possibilities and an opportunity to present us the many unknown facets of an intimate and dreamlike city.

Here, humans are rare and their presence ghostly. They are not the principal subject and the artists are not aiming at provoking immediate empathy through a look or a situation. Creation will not arise from the capture of a human emotion, but from the narrative and fictional dimension of what is much more than a decor: a real surface of projection of the self… the creation of an architecture of the unconscious.

With Nadine Bénichou (France), Lynette Jackson (USA), Tony Nahra (USA), Kristine Norlander (Norvège) et Joshua Sariñana (USA)


from December 4 2015 to January 16  2016 :


With Leny Bagshop (France), Roni Bar (Israël), Nadine Bénichou (France), Anie Castillo (Mexique), Karen Divine (USA), Stéphanie Dupont (France), Cécile Edelist (France), Nettie Edwards (Angleterre), Orietta Gelardin Spinola (Espagne), Frédéric Gochel (Belgique), Roger Guetta (Canada), Bénédicte Guillon (France), Lynette Jackson (USA), Chulsu Kim (Japon/Corée), Elin Liavik (Norvège), Diana Lopez (USA), Yoshio Miyasaka (Japon), Tony Nahra (USA), Avni Nijhawan (USA), Andrea O'reilly (Australie), Hannibal Renberg (France), Star Rush (USA), Saba Safaei (Iran), Elena Shmagrinskaya (France), Buckner Sutter (USA), Carlein van der Beek (Pays-Bas), Marina Varuolo (USA/Russie)



from October 13 2015 to November 28 2015 :

The Urban Comedy

We have chosen to feature 4 French photographers: Adrien Brunel, Eva Charbit, Thierry Gracia and Hannibal Renberg, in order to share stories of our time.

The title of this exhibition refers to Honoré de Balzac’s novel « the human comedy ».

Like Balzac, these artists like to observe the human condition, to study it and pinpoint it.

By multiplying characters and situations, they reveal secrets of a seemingly banal reality, they capture the unpredictable and the Zeitgeist of our time.

Rather than giving a faithful reproduction of reality, they aim at framing the daily urban spectacle and metamorphosing it in order to show how striking or incongruous the street theatre can be.

Their attentive curiosity gleans the everyday happy incidents. Their glaze organizes signs and lines, and gives meaning to the insignificancy of the world. They compose with the street and its garments, with time and humanity, often with humor.

Equipped with instruments of their time (smartphones and social networks) these strollers create visual short stories which depict our modern society.


from June 3 2015 to September 30 2015 :

Avatars #autoportraits

Three events: 2 exhibitions, one conference.

Press kit here.

The Gallery show:

From June 3 to September 30 2015, Mobile Camera Club will exhibit 40 self-portraits, in limited and numbered editions, created by 7 artists. 

with  Cédric Blanchon (France), Helen Breznik (Canada), Lorenka Campos (USA), Sarah Jarrett (UK), Amy Leibrand (USA) and Benamon Tame (UK)

Exhibition in 4 cinemas of the MK2 network:

25 self-portraits printed on large billboards, created by artists from various parts of the world, will be exhibited from June 3 to September 30 2015 in 4 cinemas of the MK2 network: MK2 Quai de Loire, MK2 Quai de Seine, MK2 Bibliothèque and MK2 Bibliothèque (BnF entrance). 

Watch the mk2 exhibition making -of

These self-portraits are part of the Mobile Camera Club gallery self-portraits selection from submissions posted by the members of the Facebook group « the smART GALLERY ». On this group, the gallery regularly launches calls for submission on specific themes and presents its curation of best images through slideshows.

Aylin Argun (Turkey), Cédric Blanchon (France), Jennifer Bracewell (USA), Helen Breznik (Canada), Yannick Brice (France), Lorenka Campos (USA), Robin Cohen (USA), Ivo Coric (Netherlands), Karen Divine (USA), Nettie Edward (UK), Roger Guetta (Canada), Armineh Hovanesian (USA), Sarah Jarrett (UK), Juta Jazz (Cyprus), Patricia Larson (Mexico), Amy Leibrand (USA), Bobbi McMurry (USA), Diana Nicholette Jeon (USA), Aldo Pacheco (Canada), Jim Perdue (USA), Jane Schultz (USA), Eitan Shavit (Israel), Jeffrey Simpson (USA), Benamon Tame (UK) and Vanessa Vox (France)


Conference « Selfie exhibitions: genres, audiences, locations », organized jointly by Mobile Camera Club and «Arts Mobiles » (Cinema and Audiovisual Research Center of Paris3 University: IRCAV)

On Friday June 19 from 6 pm, at the Mobile Camera Club gallery.



Every time you speak about self-portraits, people will meaningfully answer: “oh, you mean selfie?”

The word selfie is in every mouth and regularly makes headlines of magazines which both ride the wave of its success and fustigate it for being the symbol of a completely narcissistic civilization.

A recent world, created to describe new practices, which absorbs everything that comes close to it, like a blackhole. As a result, many end up mixing up self-portraits with selfies and believe that smartphones are only good at taking selfie pictures.

By organizing two parallel exhibitions (one at the gallery and one in 4 movie theatres of the mk2 network), the Mobile Camera Club gallery wishes to recall that self-portraiture is part of a long artistic photographic tradition and wants to show that the smartphone is giving a new impetus to the self-portrait genre, thanks to the many aesthetic tracks that it allows to explore.

Using either pure staging or digital games, many "mobile" artists have elected self-portraiture as their privileged field of investigation, each of them adopting their own viewpoints and methods, but all of them sharing the same taste for staging and the same thirst for experimentation.


From April 7 2015 to May 30 2015 :

Back To Nature

with Karen Divine (USA), Stéphanie Dupont (France), Nettie Edwards (GB), Elin Liavik (Norway), Tony Nahra (USA), Buckner Sutter (USA)

Saturday, April 11 : Anthotypes demonstration by Nettie Edwards




from February 5 2015 to 28 March 2015:


Is street photography almost exclusively the domain of men? All evidence seems to point to this.

Firstly, look at the big names: Cartier-Bresson, Doisneau, Evans, Frank, Winogrand, Meyerowitz, Klein and many others. And the plethora of exhibitions and articles celebrating street photography where not a single piece bearing a woman's name is to be found? So many male photographers, and yet just a handful of women? Are Abbott, Arbus, Levitt, Model, Franck, or Maier just exceptions?

One cannot help but look for the reasons: is the scrutiny of the photographer’s view the privilege of men? Are public spaces really as open and neutral as we would like it to be, and does it really allow women to hang out with no other purpose than to observe? Is the outside world really a male’s domain while women rule in the home, as tradition would have it? 

What we want to show here is that "street photography" has no sex. We want to change this truncated vision of the world of photography. The same vision that prevails more generally in the arts and in life in general. Some thinking habits die hard, and women are still much more celebrated as muses and models rather than as creative minds—more passive than active. Despite their massive burst onto the art scene throughout the XX-XXIth centuries, women artists remain structurally under-represented and are the real outsiders of contemporary art.

This is why we chose to take a different approach from the vast number of exhibitions showing works created exclusively by men without curators even noticing or being shocked.

We thus decided to reverse the usual proportion between male and female artists and deliberately chose to hide the sex of all the exhibited photographers. A sort of "blind test" to which we invite the viewer, as a playful way of challenging preconceived ideas and showing that it is not easy to identify who is who. Because, happily, appearances are deceptive. And in most cases, nothing in the subjects chosen or in the way of approaching the characters provides any evidence of the sex of the photographer.
Mobile photography seems to be an artistic field which has finally been massively invested in by women from all countries, while the smartphone, less intimidating and more discreet than a conventional camera, breathes new life into street photography.

Meet these outsider artists - active, committed, elusive, collectors, curious, jokers, melancholic, mischievous - just like their male counterparts.

With R. Bar (Israel), C. Van der Beek (Holland), A. Castillo (Mexico), C. Kim (Japan), C. Edelist (France), O. Gelardin Spinola (Spain), F. Gochel (Belgium), B. Guillon (France), D. Lopez (USA), A. Nijhawan (USA), A. O’Reilly (Australia), S. Rush (USA), S. Safaei (Iran), E. Shmagrinskaya (France), M. Varuolo (USA).



From November 2014 to January 15 2015:

Tiny Collective in Paris

making off Tiny Collective in Paris exhibition at Mobile Camera Club from nad benichou on Vimeo.

 For the first time, the international collective of photographers " Tiny Collective " will exhibit in Paris, at the Mobile Camera Club gallery.

 Tiny Collective is an international photography cooperative with current members based in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Toronto, Paris, Zagreb, Istanbul and Sydney.

Formed in 2012 through a common interest in mobile photography and sharing the same belief in its pioneering character, the 12 members of this group, who met on Instagram, have decided to create outside social networks.

Tiny members use their smartphone both for shooting and editing their images. The street is their playground, they study the human condition, seeking to highlight what remains surprising in everyday life.

Tiny does not see mobile photography as a niche or as an amateur practice. Seeking to push against the normative schemes at play in the mobile photography worlds, the collective seeks to actively develop new ways to exert its personality, more in tune with the digital age.

In 2013, Tiny began partnering with brands (Impossible Project) and exhibiting as a group in a variety of galleries and alternative spaces (" The Re Evolution of Mobile " at The Garrison in Toronto, 2012 and " The Space Between " at the Centre for Photography at Woodstock (CPW) gallery, New York, 2014, and most recently, " Hiding in Plain Sight " at Pearson International Airport, Toronto, as part of the 2014 Scotiabank CONTACT Photography festival, and " Foto Istanbul " International Photography festival, in Turkey.

Members of the Tiny Collective have a combined audience of more than 500,000 followers via socials channels.

Members of the Tiny Collective are: Markus Andersen (@markusxandersen, Sydney), Carlein Van der Beek (@ilein, Toronto), Vlad Chirkov (@vladatat, San Francisco), Dan Cristea (@dan.cristea, Toronto), Cécile Edelist (@cecile_e, Paris), Katarina Gavrilica (@kejtgejv, Zagreb), Crispin D. Giles (@crispindgiles, Toronto), Richard Koci Hernandez (@koci,  San Francisco), David Ingraham (@dayzdandconfuzd, Los Angeles), Diana Lopez (@dopez, New York), Wes Quarles (@wesq, Atlanta) and Elif Suyabatmaz (@fisheyedreams, Istanbul).



From October 16 to November 15 2014:

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality aims to integrate virtual elements to the real world, through the use of new technologies.

Some 100 years after the futurist, constructivist and vorticist movements, photographers coming from different countries and backgrounds, equipped with their smartphones, seized this concept to question their relationship with urban environment, its reality and modernity.

Sharing the same fascination as their predecessors for the graphic and geometric imagination that out shaped our cities, for the depth of lines and boldness of forms, they play framing, perspective and overlays to give a world view at the border between visible and invisible, real and virtual.

Therefore, either through the minimalism of the shapes they show or, on the contrary, by the use of photomontage, by adding color and typography, their intention is to introduce us to parallel worlds.

Worlds where figures overlap, giving way to the invisible, where shadows get thicker and longer, where layers merge, where shapes mutate and confuse  the eye... to framing, cropping and assembling visual elements.

These “image builders” offer constructions to the viewer, making him a glimpse of other ways of perceiving reality, an augmented reality.

"The conception that every individual has of the world is and will always remain a construction of his mind, and one can never prove that it has any other existence." Erwin Schrödinger - Mind and Matter

With: Leny Bagshop (France), Roni Bar (Israel), Nadine Bénichou (France), Nettie Edwards (UK), Lynette Jackson (USA), Yoshio Miyasaka (Japan)


From September 11 to October 11 2014:

A tenebrous case

Ici, le noir prédomine, invite le spectateur à percer les mystères tapis dans l’ombre, à multiplier les hypothèses et les interprétations. Le noir, dense, porte le visible jusqu’à son seuil, et même parfois jusqu’à sa perte. Il souligne de brèves apparitions de lumière, aveuglante. L’intensité des contrastes, le choc des rayons et des ombres, crée et nourrit une tension dramatique. Comme dans un roman.  

Avec Bénédicte Guillon et Stéphane Mahé


du 3 juin au 12 juillet 2014 :

La Chevelure de Bérénice

Inspirés à la fois par les pictorialistes et les surréalistes, l’Américaine Karen Divine et le Canadien Roger Guetta, alias Draman, élaborent leurs images aux frontières de la photographie et de la peinture. Ces pionniers des arts mobiles s’inscrivent dans une tradition artistique forte tandis qu’ils utilisent des moyens de création inédits, faisant éclore formes nouvelles, couleurs et textures surprenantes.

Avec Karen Divine et Roger Guetta

vendredi 6 juin, à partir de 18h30 : "Pratiques Mobiles", discussion avec Karen Divine, Roger Guetta et Nettie Edwards



Grands Formats

Pourquoi une exposition « Grands Formats » alors que le petit format offre un tel champ des possibles à la créativité ? Parce que la photo mobile, quoi qu’on en dise, peut voir et s’exposer en grand. Les artistes réunis ici ont su avec leur petit appareil intelligent relever le défi. A partir de 50cm jusqu’à 1m 50, du tirage Fine Art au tirage sur bâche, ils déploient leur art et nous en mettent plein la vue.

7 artistes exposent leurs grands formats

Nadine Bénichou, Catriona Donagh, Stéphanie Dupont, Jérôme Kerneïs, Yann Lebecque, Jean-Christophe Polgár, Gilles Saulnier.



du 6 mars 2014 au 29 mars 2014 :

Le Mobile Photo Paris - 2e édition

Le Mobile Photo Paris est un événement qui réunit des photographes, professionnels ou amateurs, aux univers différents, autour d’un même appareil, leur téléphone, qu’ils considèrent comme un outil contemporain, ludique et expérimental. Après une première exposition au Bastille Design Center rassemblant plus d’une centaine d’œuvres réalisées uniquement avec des smartphones, du 21 au 25 novembre 2012, la manifestation célèbre sa 2e édition pour l'inauguration de la galerie Mobile Camera Club.  

11 artistes exposés

Nadine Bénichou, Catriona Donagh, Stéphanie Dupont, Philippe Durand Gerzaguet, Cécile Edelist, Nettie Edwards, Lénaïc Entremont, Yann Lebecque, Amy Leibrand, Jean-Christophe Polgár, Gilles Saulnier.