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Who can enter the competition?

Participation is open to artists of at least eighteen (18) years of age at the time of entry, residing in any country.


What kind of devices can I use to shoot submitted photos?

You can use any mobile phone, tablet or media player to shoot eligible photos. Regular cameras (either compact or DSLR) are not accepted.


What kind of images can I submit?

Any kind of images shot and edited by you and that do not infringe copyright laws in any country and respect third parties rights. Please refrain from submitting pornographic images or images that do not respect other people’s privacy or dignity.

As we are looking for artistic work, please do not submit photos of your cup of tea, favorite pet… unless they are part of an artistic work that you will explain.


How many images can I submit?

You must submit at least 5 images, so that we can judge your skills on more than one “lucky” shot. Only digital submissions are admitted. There is no upper limit to the number of photos submitted, but be aware that your submission fees will be increased accordingly and that the ability to select your most powerful images is part of our judging criteria.


Can I upload edited photos?

Yes of course you can edit your photos. Either with an app or a combination of apps, but also with a desktop if you want. After all, we are not dogmatic…


What are the submission fees?

Submission fees are: 5 images for €35 and 7 € per any additional photo until the 9th photo. The 10th photo can be submitted for 6 €. Here are the detailed fees according to how many images you decide to submit. For more than 20 photos submitted, each additional photo submitted will be charged 4€.

5 images for 35 €

6 images for 42 €

7 for 49 €

8 for 56 €

9 for 63 €

10 for 69 € 


How do I enter?

a) Create a profile either through Facebook or by entering your email and choose a password.

b) Fill all blanks in the submission form. c) Upload the number of images you would like to submit.

d) “Edit” each uploaded photo: give each of them a title, use relevant tags, indicate what is the maximum resolution available for each of them and what printing sizes you would recommend

e) Pay the submission fees

f) Validate your participation before the competition deadline


Is there a size / format requirement for uploaded photos?

Uploaded photos must be between 640 and 1200 pixels for the smallest length. Quality images are required if you want to print and exhibit your images… File format can be either .jpg or .png. Be kind enough to indicate the maximum resolution available, even if you upload at a limited resolution, so that we can better estimate how big your images can be printed.


How do I know if my images have been received?

You will see each of your submitted images on your account profile page. They will appear on the right sidebar. Once the submission fee is paid and your participation is validated, you are in!


Can I change my images once they are uploaded?

No, but you can decide to upload more photos. Once you have paid your submission fees for a certain number of photos, there is no turning back.


On what standards will my submitted images be judged?

Of course, selecting winning images is a very subjective matter. This being said, our jury will judge submitted work on its originality, its coherence, its  and its creativity. Photographic skills of the artist will be also taken into consideration, as well as the ability to explain his/her work and intentions.


If I win, will my images be exhibited at the gallery?

Yes, your winning mages will be included in one of the exhibitions organized by the gallery and your work will be advertised as award-winning.


What is the copyright status of my images?

If none of your submitted images are chosen, you will keep all rights on your images and we will delete the corresponding files.

If one or more of your images are selected, it/they will be exhibited at the gallery for at least 2 weeks. We will also propose you to sell them as part of our catalog of prints, according to a written contract where we will define the selling price, printing formats, maximum number of prints that the gallery will sell (we prefer to offer limited editions)… You will of course be free to accept the contract or not. You accept to grant the gallery a royalty free right to display your winning images at the gallery, on its website and in any printed or digital media for the gallery’s and the competitions promotion needs for a period of 2 years after the end of the competition.


When will the winners be announced?

Announcements will be made on our site at the latest six weeks following the submission deadline.


And what if I have a question?

You can get in touch with us by email