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Competition Rules



This competition is organized by MOBILE CAMERA CLUB, a French company registered in Paris, France, as a “société par actions simplifiée” (hereafter referred as the “Gallery”) for the purpose of discovering new talents who will be offered to exhibit and sell their work in the Gallery, located 56 rue La Bruyère 75009 PARIS.



The competition is open to any living photographer, professional or amateur, from any country, who is above the age of majority in the country where he/she resides.

Photos entered in the Competition (“Entries”) must be shot using a mobile device (phone, portable media player, tablet…). Pics can be edited with a mobile device and/or with a computer, laptop...

There is no limit in the number of Entries per Participant.

The GALLERY retains the right to refuse any Entry for any reason.



Each photographer who submits Entries to the Competition (the “Participant”) agrees to abide by all rules set forth in the present document (“Rules of Competition”) and warrants that his/her submission complies with all requirements thereof.

No Entry will be admitted unless the submission form has been properly completed and the relevant entry fee has been paid online.

The Gallery reserves its rights to modify or adapt any of the Competition Rules at any time, if deemed necessary, but will endeavor to respect best practices standards applicable to art competitions.



Entries must be in digital format. No print or film submission will be accepted. Entries must be uploaded through the site.

Digital files must be at least 1,200 pixels on the smallest side and saved as Jpegs (.jpg) or RAW (.dng), in RGB format and not exceed 4MB per file, at 72dpi. 



Each Participant must complete online the Submission Form with the required information, including name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, photo captions and category tags. Each Participant must also provide a short biography and description of his/her work.



All Entries must include the appropriate entry fee payable online in EUROS, through PayPal or credit card. Participants may purchase online as many Entry fees as they seem fit. Submission fees are: 5 images for €35 and 7 € per any additional photo until the 9th photo. The 10th photo can be submitted for 6 €. Here are the detailed fees according to how many images you decide to submit. For more than 20 photos submitted, each additional photo submitted will be charged 4€.

5 images for 35 €

6 images for 42 €

7 for 49 €

8 for 56 €

9 for 63 €

10 for 69 € 

11 for 75 €

12 for 81 €




The Competition is open for submissions from [ ] 2014 and closes 11:59 pm Paris Time on [ ], 2014. The Gallery reserves the right to extend the Competition deadline for any reason.



Entries will be judged according to the originality and esthetics of the Participant’s work. Though subjectivity is inevitable when judging artworks, chance plays no part in the determination of winners. The Gallery may ask, at its sole discretion, any person that it seems fit to take part in the jury. Decisions of the jury are final and biding.



By submitting an Entry to the Competition, each winner grants the Gallery a free non-exclusive right to use winning Entries in the context of the marketing and promotion of the Competition for a period of twenty-for (24) months from the Competition Deadline Date on the Gallery website and in any other media. The Participant allows the Gallery to resize or slightly crop a photograph to fit promotional materials.

The Participant acknowledges that submitted Entries, artist biography and artist statement may be provided to accredited media outlets for the purpose of providing editorial media coverage of the Competition.

The above uses shall be royalty free. All other rights remain that of the Participant.

The Gallery will not make any commercial use of the Entries without the prior of the Participant on financial conditions.



Participant warrants that all of his/her Entries: (i) are his/her original work;(ii) do not violates any laws or regulations (iii) do not infringe the rights of other persons or entities (intellectual property rights, property rights, privacy rights…) and iv) are free from any claims from third parties.

Each Participant must be ready to hand to the Gallery all relevant authorization from third parties whose image or work is used in an Entry.



Participant shall hold the Gallery harmless from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, losses, costs and expenses arising out of or relating to the Competition.

The Gallery is not responsible for any failure malfunction or error in electronic transmission, hardware or software interrupting, deleting, delaying, altering or corrupting any Entry or Submission Form.

The Gallery reserves the right to cancel the Competition, if deemed necessary in its opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of its control. In such a case, the Gallery will not retain any rights in the submitted photographs and will return the Entry fees.

Participant acknowledges that the Competition website includes standard links to third party social media platforms (“Third-Parties Sites”), including but not limited to, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr for the purpose of promoting the Competition, Participants and their work. Participant thus acknowledges that his/her photographs may appear on Third-Parties Sites. The Gallery has no control and does not review or manage the Third-Parties Sites. The Gallery shall not be liable of any unauthorized use of Participant’s photographs by users of Third-Parties Sites.

Neither the Gallery, nor its directors or partners assumes any responsibility for entries submitted in violation of (i) Rules of Competition, (ii) privacy rights, property rights or copyright. In case of a claim by a third party, the GALLERY will investigate to the best of its ability, and reserves the right to disqualify and/or remove contested images.




Participants agree that personal data, especially name and state of residence, may be processed, shared and otherwise used or disclosed for the purposes and within the context of the Competition. Data collected through the Submission Form may also be used by the Gallery in order to verify the Participant’s eligibility.


Participants have the right to access, review, rectify or cancel any personal data held by the Gallery by writing to Mobile Camera Club at 56 rue La Bruyère 75009 Paris FRANCE or by email to




Any dispute arising from the Competition or from the Competition Rules will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the relevant courts in Paris and according to the laws of France.